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As a full-service builder, Degagne & Lefebvre Building Group can oversee your project from start to finish. That includes working with the local entities to meet unique safety requirements outlined for successful construction – that includes projects that obstruct roadways or public access.

For those projects that require temporary structures to separate the worksite from the public, we are provide scaffold, gantry and hoarding services. Providing protection for mobile and foot traffic is imperative whether the job be façade restoration or demolition we ensure that our structures can’t be easily moved without being dissembled. It also means we bear the responsibility – you can rest easy knowing we do all we can to ensure our jobsites are safe.

Our goal is to embrace the space and allow free movement of traffic. We are constructing for our community and that includes pre-construction all the way through to post-construction. We do our best to contribute to and support public safety. Our goal is to contribute to the identity and character of the area where we are operating and embrace the public nature of the site.

No matter the size of you project – we have scaffold, gantry and hoarding solutions to meet your needs.

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scaffolding install
scaffolding install

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